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2024 Camp Zion Handbook

Campers may arrive as early as 7:00am, however all campers are expected to attend morning chapel each day at 8:00am.  Campers can be picked up as early as 4:00pm (depending on their electives) and no later than 6:00pm.

Camp Zion is located at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church at the Old Hickory Boulevard location in Whites Creek, TN, just 15 minutes from downtown.  With access to the indoor and outdoor facilities, field trips, leadership classes, music and dance, your child is sure to enjoy an enriching summer they will remember well into the future.  Although we have excellent facilities and programs, the secret to our success is an outstanding staff.

Our loving staff consists of a director, camp assistant, teachers, teacher assistants and volunteers.  Academic teachers are licensed and certified to teach in the state of Tennessee with a proven track record as specialists in the subject they teach.  Elective teachers are well qualified to make your child’s encounter with new skills boost their self-confidence.

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June 3- July 28 We will Be Closed the week of July 3-7
( No payment will drafted this week)


Get ready for an exciting time at Camp Zion!  Elementary campers will participate in many activities that will make their summer memorable.  We will challenge each camper academically through reading, language arts and math.  We expect campers to show academic improvement.  Campers will engage in unique experiences through elective classes such as cooking & gardening, science, dance, music, drama and more.  Field trips?  Of course, summer’s not complete without exploring fun places.  Swimming?  You got it!  Who doesn’t go swimming in the summer?  Campers will have the most fun possible and be prepared for a successful return to school.  

  • August 23’ Incoming 1st– 2nd Graders
  • August 23’ Incoming 3rd– 4th Graders
  • August 23’ Incoming 5th– 6th Graders

Middle/ High School

Get ready for an exciting time at Camp Zion!  Middle and High school campers will gain access to a two month gym membership, which includes basketball, swimming, volleyball, cardio workout and a host of other exciting gym activities! Campers will engage in a unique writing class, which includes, creative writing, journalism, and media writing.  We will challenge your academic standards as campers will engage in advanced math and language arts classes. Elective classes campers choose from include, cooking, sewing, music production and a host of others! We will also take exciting field trips, some for cultural learning and others for pure fun!

  • August 23’ Incoming 7th– 9th Graders


We need a completed registration form and your deposit. Registration is only online.

Yes. We shred registration forms, immunization records and health forms from previous summers.

Yes. Your registration is for the FULL summer and you may choose to miss several days or weeks. However, payments will continue to be drafted from your account and days missed are not prorated or refundable.

The weekly tuition for camp is $100 per camper.  The registration fee per individual child is $50.There is a discounted fee of $50 for families registering more than one sibling for camp.   No scholarships or other discounts are available.

One-way shuttle transportation is provided from the Mt. Zion Antioch location to the Mt. Zion Old Hickory Blvd location for an additional fee of $20 per week per child. This amount will be added to your weekly fees. Sign-in for the bus begins at 7:00am. A bus counselor is available to answer any questions and discuss any special needs for the day. After you sign your child in, you may choose to stay and see the bus off, or you may leave your child in the care of the bus counselor. All campers are picked up at the Camp Zion day camp site.

All cancellations must be made in writing to Cancellation must be made before the payment due date. Any withdrawn funds are non-refundable.


Option 1:  Your registration fee of camp is due at enrollment (Non Refundable)

weekly bank draft ( Non Refundable)

Option 2:  Pay camp fees in full 

You may register online at  All other camp fees are drafted from your account on the due date, unless we have already received payment in full. The camp payment schedule is listed below.  

Payment Schedule

Payments are drafted every Friday prior to the upcoming week of camp.  Failure of payment will prevent your child from attending. 

All parents are expected to attend the Parent Orientation on Saturday, May 20 at 11:00am at the camp site. Parents will also meet the camp staff and tour the camp site for drop off and pick up locations.

Be sure to label everything you send to camp with your campers first and last name.

Campers who arrive between 7:00am- 7:50am may eat breakfast provided or bring their own breakfast.

Lunch is provided. You may choose to pack a nutritious lunch for your camper each day, including a drink, in an insulated lunch sack or cooler. With increased outdoor activity, campers typically eat more than they do at school, so we provide an afternoon snack. You may pack an additional afternoon snack if needed.

Water Bottle
Campers will be exercising and outside periodically during the day, so a water bottle is a must! The camp has many water fountains so that campers can refill their water bottles.

Campers may wear clothing that is comfortable and appropriate for indoor and outdoor activities. Campers are expected to dress modestly and wear shirts at all times, except when swimming. When swimming in scheduled, campers need to bring a swimsuit, sunscreen, and a towel. If your child gets cold easily you may send them with a light jacket or sweater for cold classrooms.

Please have your campers wear tennis shoes with socks. Due to the running activities and hilly terrain these shoes are better for the campers. Flip Flops are prohibited (except when otherwise noted).

Other Items
Campers should also bring non-aerosol sunscreen with them to camp every day. Camp Zion staff will not administer any medication.

School Supplies
A supply list will be given to parents at the Parent Orientation.

Putting it all together
A backpack is a great way to bring items to camp and take everything home.

Sign-in for the shuttle begins at 6:30am. The bus departs promptly at 6:45am. Once the bus is in motion it cannot stop to pick up a rider. Parents are required to drive their child to camp if they miss the bus. A bus counselor or bus driver will be available to answer any questions and discuss any special needs for the day. After you sign your child in, you may choose to stay and see the bus off, or you may leave your child in the care of the bus counselors. The bus is scheduled to arrive at OHB by 7:30am each day.

Drop-off at camp is between 7:00am-8:00am. Pick-up is between 4:00pm-6:00pm

Mt. Zion Baptist Church, 7594 Old Hickory Blvd, Whites Creek, TN  37189. 615-254-7296.


If two campers are within one year of each other’s age and their classes are grouped they will be in the same class.  Otherwise, no special provisions will be made for siblings to be paired. 


Academic Classes

Cultural Experiences

Physical Fitness Activities ( Physical Education, Free Play, Gym Time)

Artistic Expressions

Leadership Sessions

When campers go swimming we abide by the rules of the facility in which we are swimming.  We only swim in facilities where lifeguards are on duty.  Typically all campers must take a swimming test to demonstrate their swimming ability. Campers will be outfitted with a colored band (done by swimming facility) to let lifeguards know their swimming ability. Additionally, camp staff closely monitors campers when they are swimming. 

Camp Zion is blessed to have use of indoor and outdoor spaces.  When Mother Nature provides us with “liquid sunshine,” our camp day adjusts as needed to accommodate the weather.   

Yes, every child will participate in our end of summer program.

Videos, photographs, and audio clips are taken throughout the summer at all activities to be used for promotional material. By registering to attend Camp Zion, you are giving permission to Mt. Zion Baptist Church to use your child’s picture in promotional materials. You understand that Mt. Zion Baptist Church has the irrevocable right to use your child’s name, picture, portrait, image, video or photograph in all forms and media and in all manners, including composite, for advertising, for publication or any other lawful purposes, and you waive any right to inspect or approve the finished product, including written copy, which may be created in connection therewith.

Camp Zion Student Information

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Music and Worship Arts

At Mt. Zion, we pride ourselves on our high-quality, faith-based performance arts. If you would like to learn more, participate, or support these efforts, click below to find out more!
  • Choirs
  • Dance
    •  A-1 Mime Ministry
    • Covenant in Motion
    • Praise and Worship/Flag Ministry
    • Adoration Dance Ministry (College)
    • Judah Dance (youth)
  • Theater