Purpose: To serve the growing membership of the Mount Zion Baptist Church by providing ministry to each family and member. The Flock membership model is committed to assuring and maintaining a close-knit fellowship amongst a rapidly growing congregation.

This model allows the ministry to be more accessible to the membership.

Each Flock consists of a Deacon, Deaconess, and an Elder. The team provides ministry needs, including hospital visitation, bereavement support, baby dedications, & house blessings.


How do I know what Flock I am a part of?

Our Flocks are divided by last name. For example, if your last name is Johnson, that means you are a part of the Issachar Flock.

How do I contact my Flock?

Simply call the church office at (615) 254-7296 between 9 AM – 6 PM Monday – Friday.

What are some things I should notify my Flock about?

You should notify your Flock if you experience a death in your family, if you want a home or business blessed (prayed for), or if you or a family member is in the hospital.

What if I have an emergency and the church office is closed?

We have a 24 hour emergency number. Just call (615) 254-7296, Ext. 5.

How long does it take for my Flock to respond?

When you notify the church office of your situation, you should be contacted within 24-hours.