Life presents all types of challenges. We are here for you during the great and challenging moments.
Here are just a few ways we would love to support you.

Mt. Zion Baptist Church is delighted to provide the facilities for your wedding. For information, please contact the Wedding Ministry (615) 254-7296, Ext. 1222. You may also email us at


Water baptism is an outward declaration of the decision to follow Jesus. It is offered once a month. Inquire at any of our services on how to be a part of our next baptism.

Children may be signed up for baptism by their parents via the JUMPSTART program.


Mt. Zion provides Baby Dedications once every month. If you are interested in having your child dedicated to the Lord, please click below to sign up, or contact us directly at (615) 254-7296.


We offer uplifting Christian resources that deal with the real issues of coping with and healing from divorce while also nurturing a closer positive walk with God.


It's important to us that you get a great start to your new relationship. Counseling organizations have partnered with Mount Zion and are available to you for pre-marital counseling services.


One of the mandates of being a child of God is being prepared for the unexpected. As Christians, it is important for us to hold fast to our faith during difficult times and know that the Word of God holds true. 


In the event of the death of a loved one, please call the church office at (615) 254-7296, Ext. 5.

Additional Grief Resources

Grey House

A house blessing is a prayer of thanksgiving and covering over your home. Typically, an Elder would visit your home (physically or virtually) and join you and your family in praying over your house. The intent is to rededicate your home to God and to ask Gods continual peace, protection and provision. 


While the house blessing generally occurs right after you have moved into your home, it can in fact be scheduled for anytime. 


Click Here To Schedule Your House Blessing Today!