Updated: Jun 18, 2020

#Repost @josephwalker3 ・・・ I wrote this poem last night to Mother’s around the world. I shared it Friday morning on the @rickeysmileymorningshow @rickeysmileyofficial Many if you asked me to post it so here it is: Mother you’ve been the backbone unbreakable. A gift from God. He gave you the grace to carry us, the strength to birth us and the wisdom to raise us. You taught us how to keep pushing in the face of adversity. You were the glue that kept the family together. You never made excuses. When life gave you nothing, you mixed it together and made something. Something to put on our plate Something to keep us straight Something to always motivate And something to assure we would always elevate. You changed dirty pampers Wiped our snotty nose Medicated sickly bodies You stood by us in graduation robes Your children rise up and call you blessed. You are : A Queen who wears your crown with grace, You never let us quit this race. A warrior who smiled at adversity, Because you knew what everyone of your children could be. A multitasker extraordinaire, A diamond cut very rare. A shoulder to cry on and a confidant, An example and mother everyone would want. A cheerleader, a coach that lit our fuse, Your essence was captured in “Mother to Son” by Langston Hughes. That’s the epitome of who you are, Pushing us beyond mediocre and raising the bar. For those resting in heaven who have closed their eyes, Every Mother’s Day, it gets harder to say goodbye. Take your place with the angels and rest, And know what you put in us we can’t help but give our best. And to all the Mother’s who through, Injustice have buried a child, We pray justice will come though, It has taken a while. So thank you Mother thank you my Queen, That heavy crown so well you wear, Happy Mother’s Day—Everyday—Forever we will Love you with a kiss and this prayer.

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