The ChurchFIT program is a comprehensive healthy living, healthy lifestyle wellness initiative designed to help individuals and families improve their health in a holistic manner — meaning we not only believe in strengthening the body, but the mind and spirit as well.

About the Program

Over the years, over 10,000 participants have taken part in our annual challenge, where over hundreds of pounds were lost and thousands of lives were changed through our ChurchFIT Program.

Numerous prizes have been awarded to teams and individuals in various categories, including but not limited to, greatest percentage of weight lost, most exercise classes attended, most nutrition classes attended, greatest overall change in healthy lifestyle (as tracked by class attendance and bi-weekly weigh-ins), etc.

We have a variety of weekly exercise classes led by certified trainers, nutrition/cooking classes led by a chef and certified nutritionists, as well as run/walk groups that meet to help improve your stamina to run or walk longer distances throughout the year.

In addition, we will continue with the KidzFIT curriculum that will allow the children to have fun while at the same time learn and practice healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Watch out for fun contests and prizes for KidzFIT participants as well!